New Civil Engineer is an informative website and is mainly focused on civil and geotechnical engineering. The contents of this website are directly linked to the experiences of civil engineering students and the objective of the website is to improve public’s and, particularly, Students’ understanding of civil engineering’s technical problems, future careers in the industry and whatever is somehow related to this field from politics to environmental aspects.

Although solving technical problems are crucial in the  development of students’ brain and they play a major role on understanding how to deal with different engineering circumstances , but unfortunately, Universities and Educational institutions largely focus on mathematical aspects of a problem. In one word; problems are structured to be solved using mathematical methods rather than primarily understanding the concepts of the problem and its range. Please do not miss-understand, Mathematics is the most important part of the solution but it is not the answer in contrast to what our institutions are changing the civil engineering subjects to.

Having studied in various institutions and experiencing different educational systems, here I aim to link the students with the reality and try to take them out of memorizing by heart the formulas but rather being curios about the matter and looking for innovative solutions.

In order to do so, first we need to understand the career and its expectations, stakeholders, terms that are directly related to civil and geotechnical engineering such as sustainability and then apply the technical issues using numerical and mathematical methods to get the best fit solutions.

Last but not least, Please share your experiences with this website and write comments wherever you feel there is a lack of explanation, a technical mistake or a better way of explaining something as this website’s main aim is to improve our knowledge of civil engineering and how to choose the best career that best suits us.