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• Thursday, November 18th, 2010


Apart from all the confusion we have about what we should study at university, another battle is what university we should apply for. ‘What should I Study at University?’ gives a guide on how we go about selecting the subject we want to study at university. It explains how we need to be realistic and target the right course that is suitable for our skills and offers a promising future to us.

Here it comes a second important topic; WHAT UNIVERSITY I SHOULD APPLY FOR?

For the start let’s assume you know exactly what is the best for you to study and you have made your mind about what subject is on demand in the society and you are confident that if you enter the right university and receive the necessary education you will succeed and stand out on the job application process.

The Right University:

There are many websites and organisations that offer ‘University Ranking’ guides, but what does that mean and how could it help us select the right universities and which guides we should actually rely on.

If after graduation you intend to work in the UK, for example, then you need to look at the ranking of the university in the UK and it is best to see university ranking for your chosen subject in the country rather than the overall one. Guardian is one of the best guides to refer to; as it offers a very close to reality ranking with respect to most of the subjects offered in UK universities.

one might say, I am not sure where I will end up working, I want to travel around the world or I am an international student that want to go back to my country after graduation and do not intend to stay in the UK. Then in this case, it is best to look at world wide university ranking. Some universities, within the UK, are ranked differently when it comes to world-wide picture. For example UCL is ranked the 4th university in the world by Times, although it is ranked to be in the 9th position in the country in the COMPLETE UNIVERSITY Guide website, which is in association with THE INDEPENDENT.

Times Ranking is possibly the most recognisable university ranking guide when it comes to see the global picture of a university and hence if I that aspect was more important to you then accept this guide rather than local ranking guides.

Another important factor is to look at the ‘graduate employment ratio’. After all, we study to get the job we desire. Most of the university guides show the employment ratio of graduates and it should be one of the first columns one should look at. Even if the student satisfaction with the course is 100% but the employment ratio is 50% then we have not achieved the most important outcome of going to university.