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• Monday, May 17th, 2010

yes it’s true.

Alice is making her way to the engineering land.

At University College London (UCL) , Civil, Environmental and Geotechnical engineering department a group of engineering students are looking into how Alice could help them getting their final year design across to their audiences in an animated way.

Alice is a 3D animation programing software offered free by Carnegie Mellon University through a website that is especially designed to promote the program. The website gives easy to follow support to its visitors and it is remarkable to mention that Alice was designed by the co-author of the famous book ‘The Last Lecture’  Randy Pausch.

Concentric Consultancy is the group name of these civil engineers who started their final year project in a  different way to other student teams by introducing a website, for the first time, for their group to simulate their work closer to real life and now they are looking into Alice to animate their engineering design for their final submition to be once again attracting others’ attention through their innovation.

These group of seven civil engineers had to study the feasibility of building a new airport in the South East of the UK and thereafter design the whole system and the structure of the airport in an integrated work. It is always useful for engineers to demonstrate their ideas and design through 3D drawings or model buildings, however, in civil engineering industry it is Architects’ job to provide such illustrations of the work.

“If Alice or any other software such as Google SketchUp proved to be easy to use, then at many projects civil engineers can simultaneously take architects’ role when designing  and provide more innovative solutions as these will help them visualize and demonstrate their ideas in a more effective way” says Mohammed the project manager and structural engineer of Concentric Consultancy.

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